Wine Tasting Like a Connoisseur

Growing up close to the Cape Winelands in South Africa, I have developed a love for wine. I decided to attend a wine tasting evening hosted by Margaret Silbermann from Connoisseur. Connoisseur host different classes, from shorter weekday classes with topics from Matching Food and Wine Tasting, Wines From Chile Tasting, Wine with Cheese, to … Continue Reading ➤

Visit to The Icecreamist

Icecreamist: (adjective if using to describe) 1. A person or persons addicted to or obsessed with ice cream. ‘An extreme ice cream fanatic.’ 2. A person or persons subscribing to ‘Icecreamism’ as an ideology. Icecreamism: (Noun) 1. A term used to define people suffering from an addiction to or obsession with ice cream. 2. A … Continue Reading ➤

London Girl Geek Dinners’ date with Norton

Real life, for every person has so many security risks every day. If that is not enough, so does everyone’s virtual world. Con Mallon, European product developer from Norton, spoke at London Girl Geek Dinner, 30 September 2009 about their new cloud-based anitvirus. Even though the big world out there seems dangerous, according to his … Continue Reading ➤